Angotti’s Family Restaurant, Syracuse (East)

I love pizza, and I’m not very shy about it. So it didn’t take long for this blog to attract the attention of some fellow pizza lovers at the office. One of them suggested I should try Angotti’s Family Restaurant on Burnet Avenue, on Syracuse’s near east side. He explained that it isn’t necessarily his favorite, but it is very good, and a convenient place for him to meet his wife for lunch.

Angotti’s is known for all sorts of affordable Italian food, not primarily pizza. To say it another way, this is a restaurant that happens to have pizza on the menu, rather than a pizza joint that has a few other things on the menu. I couldn’t find any official web site, or even a recent menu online. Pizza is priced at $9.00 for a 16″, one of the best values I’ve found – and that includes full table service with real plates, silverware, glasses, and a fancy pedestal for the pizza pan.  After visiting a lot of paper plate and plastic fork operations, this was a real treat.

Our 16″ was actually closer to 18″ (note how it is hanging off the 16″ pan), and it arrived in under 15 minutes. Crust texture was quite good – generally light and airy, foldable, and with evidence of a good rise and gentle handling. It was well-browned on the bottom – so much so that cutting off the tip of a slice with a fork, and biting into it took a little more effort than with some pizzas, but it wasn’t overly chewy. There was no element of the crust’s flavor that stood out above the others; this was a very good, basic crust.

Sauce was a little sparse, but I could see dried spice flakes around the edge where it wasn’t covered by cheese. The spice level was mild to moderate. There wasn’t much fresh tomato flavor, but I’m happy to say the salt level was just right. Cheese was the ordinary oily, orangey, chewy and quick-to-harden-when-cooled variety. The toppings (mushrooms and pepperoni) were excellent, and present in proper amounts.

My coworker had these comments: “I thought the pizza is very similar to what you’d find in a typical New York’ style pizza. Thin crust, simple ingredients, but well made.  I thought it is a very good value. $9 for a 16″ (more like 18, if I recall) pizza? That’s not too shabby.  My only complaint would be that all of the sauce and cheese seemed to be in the very center of the pie, leaving a lot of bare crust around the edges. Perhaps that’s because the pizza is larger than the plate it came on, and the slices all kind of sloped down into the middle?”

That could be.  It was so HOT that I’m guessing it went from oven to table in under 30 seconds, so a sloping pan could cause that.  In spite of my criticisms, I did enjoy this pizza. If you want to meet family/friends/clients for lunch (Tuesday through Saturday) or dinner (Thursday through Saturday only), then the table service, easy prices and pretty decent pizza make Angotti’s a great choice.  Overall, the Pizza Geek gives this 4 out of 5 slices.

Summary – Pros: very good crust texture & taste, good toppings, very affordable, real table service. Cons: oily, congealed cheese, bland sauce.

What do you think? Do you like Angotti’s? Click the comment link below.

Crust: ****
Sauce: ***
Cheese: ***
Toppings: *****
Value: *****

Angotti’s Family restaurant – 725 Burnet Avenue – Syracuse – 472-8403
Angotti's Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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