NY Gianni’s Bronx Style Pizza, Syracuse (East)

My goal is to find “WOW!” pizza, not just “good” pizza. Today, I got pretty darned close at NY Gianni’s Bronx Style Pizza.  This modest location is easy to overlook; several coworkers drive past it regularly and have never noticed it.  The front door in this picture is actually on the side of the building.  A coworker and I visited at lunch time today for a fresh pie.

There are numerous rave reviews online, and “Neel” posted a suggestion on my “Hearsay” page for Gianni’s.  Syracuse food bloggers David and Lonnie Chu recently posted a great review, so I eagerly anticipated a good pizza experience.

As is my usual practice now, half had toppings (green peppers, onions, mushrooms), which came to about $12.50 plus tax for a 14″ medium (measuring about 15″+).  The crust was thin, lightly browned, crispy, and not too chewy – baked directly on the oven floor.  It had the well-developed texture and flavor of dough that was made the day before, and risen slowly.

I know some people feel that the crust is the most important part of a pizza, and certainly it matters a lot.  But I contend that sauce is also very difficult to get exactly right.  An ideal sauce has great fresh, bright tomato flavor, is not overcooked and/or too thick, carries a balanced spice load, and isn’t too salty.  Gianni’s sauce wins on all counts, and it is the star of this pizza as far as I’m concerned.  This is one of the best sauces I’ve ever had on a pizza, and in just the right amount.

The cheese was above average, but still a little oily, and somewhat stringy.  It is the only thing I can gripe about on this pizza, and it is a very small gripe.  Toppings tasted fresh, and had just a little crispiness remaining – perfect.

This is superb thin crust pizza.  I loved every bite.  It comes so close to being a perfect 5 on my rating scale, but I have to ding it a tiny amount because of the slightly oily cheese. Still, it exceeds all of the 4.5 slice rated pizzas I’ve tasted so far, so I’ll split the difference and call it 4.75 out of 5 slices.  Gianni can be very proud of this pizza, and I highly recommend that you try it.  Don’t just settle for a slice that may have been cooling off and drying out for a while; treat yourself to a fresh pie!

11/1/2010 EDIT: After several months and numerous return visits, and confirming opinions from various family members, friends, and blog readers, I can report with certainty that Gianni is consistently making the highest quality NY style pizza you will find in the Syracuse area.  This is authentic NY style pizza, made by an authentic New Yorker.  Highly recommended!

Summary – Pros: perfect thin crispy crust, robust sauce, excellent fresh toppings. Cons: slightly oily cheese.

What do you think? Have you been to Gianni’s? Was my review on the mark?  Click the comment link below.

Crust: *****
Sauce: *****
Cheese: ****
Toppings: *****
Value: *****
4.75 out of 5 slices

NY Gianni’s Bronx Style Pizza (web site) – 1428 Burnet Ave, Syracuse – 425-7770
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Perhaps being an engineer makes me too picky, but I'm in search of really GREAT pizza in Syracuse.
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28 Responses to NY Gianni’s Bronx Style Pizza, Syracuse (East)

  1. Pizza Guy says:

    I think a pizza pilgrimage to the ‘Cuse is in order sometime this summer. Gianni’s looks like the place to go. And since I don’t have plans to see the Yankees this year, this may be as close as I get to the Bronx.

  2. S says:

    Went there tonight since I live in the neighborhood. It’s a place I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time and I drive by it constantly. Great service, great pizza and garlic bread. Pizza was ready in 12 minutes. Several customers appeared to be regulars. Gianni told me about your site and seemed really pleased you reviewed the place.

  3. salty says:

    I ate at Gianni’s last night based on your recommendation. This is, by far, the best pizza I have had in Syracuse. I have lived here for a few years, and this is the first legitimately good pizza I have had here. The crust is perfect- crispy, but not burned or too thin. The sauce is also great- just the right mix of spices, but not overwhelming. Gianni seems like a really nice guy who is very passionate about his food. I have had a lot of good pizza, but Gianni’s compares favorably with the best places I have eaten. Gianni’s is a hidden gem and I will be a regular customer from now on.

  4. Barb says:

    I’ve been a fan of Gianni for many years. I’m glad that I finally found his new location. Had a large 3 topping the other night and it was a taste of heaven. Best pizza in town.

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  6. Melissa says:

    I really love this place, I just discovered it a few weeks ago and I keep coming back. I don’t want to get pizza anywhere else.

  7. Jordan says:

    I am new to the Syracuse area and I have tried a couple pizza places around my house on Tip Hill. I went into Gianni’s because I was recommended to try it from a client I have. I have to say that this Pizza truly is as good as all these other reviews say it is. I may not know the difference between NY style or Chicago but I do know what I like. The pizza’s crust is always, sauce is out of this world, and Gianni is always inviting and enthusiatic to all people who come into the shop. I recommend the Tomato pie (no cheese on top) and the Grandma pie which are both great!

  8. Steve says:

    Gianni is easily serving the best pizza in CNY, and I do sample quite a few shops locally. Gianni NAILS the crust… the sauce, the cheese… cooked to perfection. I HIGHLY recommend his tomato pie, and the chicken parm pizza.

    5 stars.

  9. patrick says:

    This pizza is consistently fantastic! I usually get a plain with 1/2 pepperoni. One of these days I’ll try the tomato pie, I heard that’s very good too. I know you don’t rate wings here, but to me pizza and wings go hand in hand so I highly recommend Gianni’s Dart Wings, they are unlike any wing I’ve had. They are hard to describe, a little bar-b-que garlic combo with a little heat. A real nice alternative to my usual Hot and extra crispy! My recyle bin usually holds 1 or 2 Gianni’s pizza boxes every week.

  10. Lonnie says:

    Gianni’s is the only pizza we eat now. Tonight we had a great half n half pizza: “Webster Ave” Eggplant Sorentina and sausage with extra cheese. Gianni does not skimp on the ingredients, for sure! I have to say, the Eggplant Sorentina was one of the most delectable pizzas I have ever had. My mouth is watering right now just thinking of it. Eggplant battered and fried just right with dollops of ricotta cheese… I cannot describe it well enough. The sausage is just the right spice level and the cheese was just so bountiful. So just stop reading this, get away from the danged computer, and go to Gianni’s to see what everyone here is talking about.

  11. Pizza Fritte says:


    Okay, Lonnie, tonight Pizza Geek brought home a half and half from Gianni’s; one side was Deluxe and the other was Eggplant Sorentina.

    First, let me establish that I prefer cheese-only pizza. You can always tell how good a pizza really is by how a slice of the cheese-only variety tastes, so the eggplant was a major deviation, but I love Eggplant Parmesean, I love Gianni’s pizza, so, I figured, it had to be good.

    First of all, the pizza LOOKS beautiful. Gianni is not only an artist with flavor and technique, but also with presentation, so he excels on all culinary fronts.

    The first bit was indescribable, but when PGeek asked me how it was, I answered, “What do I need YOU for?” Towards the end of my slice, I felt compelled to seriously look at and visually take in the last bit, when PGeek handed me the phone with Gianni on the other end.

    “Gianni,” I said, “You have to rename this pizza, ‘Who Needs A Man?'”

    Let the review rest. The “Who Needs a Man” designation is at least a 12 on a scale of 1-10.

    VERY nice work, Gianni. You are turning me into a pizza connoisseur, whether I want to be or not!

    Pizza Fritte
    PG’s “Sweetie”

  12. KMR says:

    I was finally able to try Gianni’s tonight. First thoughts – that is a spicy sauce! Probably too spicy for me to rate this as a favorite pizza of mine.

    Sauce, cheese and topping (mushrooms, which were fresh) were all added to the crust in good proportion to each other. Cheese was not overally greasy either. Good crust too.

    Overall, from 0-5, I’d probably give this a 3.5 or perhaps a 4.0. Just too spicy for me.

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  14. Patrick says:

    My wife and I just tried the Margherita Pizza last night from Gianni’s and it was magnificent! The pizza from Gianni’s is so good that we never have any leftovers for the next day! I’ve got to suggest to the Mrs. that we start buying two pizzas at a time!

  15. Mike Rolniak says:

    WOW! That’s all I can say. Finally got over to Gianni’s for a pie. Best pizza I’ve tasted since the last time I was in Brooklyn. It’s apparent the owner takes great pride in his pizza making. The crust is amazing. BY FAR the best pizza in Syracuse-I score it 5 out of 5.

  16. Liz says:

    I drove through a snow storm from across town to get their margherita pizza, and I would do it again. It is MAGNIFICENT! Best pizza in Syracuse. I wish there was one on my side of town!

  17. Jeff says:

    I usually visit Syracuse from Canada a couple of times a year and always look forward to the pizza. For all the complaints I’ve heard about the pizza scene in Syracuse, I’ve found several good ones. Where I’m from, calzones are almost unheard of, so I’m always craving a massive bundle of Italian-American goodness…

    When I read this blog several months ago, I couldn’t wait to try Gianni’s. After finally making it down there this past weekend and having tried Gianni’s for myself, all I can say is I can’t wait to go again. Rather than getting a calzone, I thought I should start with the basics. Despite the rave reviews for the Eggplant Sorentina, I was tempted by the large pizza and 20-wing combo. It was so much food, it kept me happy all weekend long. Everything you’ve read about the pizza is true. The sauce is bold which I loved, the crust thin and perfect, and just the right amount of cheese.

    Also, while my usual wing preference is as suicide as possible, the dart wings really were magic. They might not be blazing hot, but they were some of the best wings I’ve ever had. A nice bit of heat alongside a perfect blend of bbq and garlic.

    I love places like this. Small businesses run by good people serving great food.

    I’ll be back… can’t wait to try the Eggplant Sorentina!

  18. SUSAN says:

    Pizza is good. Husband loves it but I think the sauce is way too sweet!

  19. Sarah says:

    My husband and I got the idea to order from Gianni’s from Lonnie and Dave Chu’s blog- oh. my. god. I went with the garlic/ricotta/broccoli pizza based on the rave reviews and I made my husband call the owner to tell him it seriously is pure awesomeness. My husband then ordered the meat lovers last night with a friend and both of them haven’t stopped talking about it. Seriously. I think they may have fallen in love… :)

    And on the agenda for today? Eggplant Sorrentino!

  20. Kay says:

    My favorite pizza …hands down … it’s so delicious… everything from the cheese to the sauce and crust …perfect!

  21. 100%customsat says:

    I love Gianni’s Pizza and thanks to the pizzageek I found this gem in the ‘Cuse. However after the service received today I might not be going back. I called ahead and ordered a pie and was told 20 min. After arriving at Gianni’s, to pick up my pie at the arranged time, I had to wait an additional half hour for my large pie. (I was the only customer in the establishment and they weren’t busy at all) When I commented on the fact that it had nearly taken an hour for my order the girl in the front merely laughed! I don’t know if this is the kind of customer service that they usually offer, seeing as I have only been into the pizzeria a handful of times, but if it is I will take my business elsewhere!

    • If this is the gentleman that ordered a large half pepperoni this morning for pick up, when you came in to pick it up you never mentioned that you had already ordered a pie, you just said that you need a large half pepperoni, so we just made you a large half pepperoni. Next time make sure that you say I am picking up the order for (your name) instead of I need a pizza. Your pizza was ready the whole time but because you never gave us your name or said that you were here to pick up a pie, we had no idea that you had already ordered. We apologize about the confusion but it only takes about 15 minutes to make a pie so yours was ready when you came to pick it up, however without a name, we don’t know that you are picking up.

      • 100%customsat says:

        Then the failure is upon your staff member that answered the telephone and did not take my name or number. When I arrived I stated that I was there to pick up a pie. Even if the person who took my order failed to hear that I was there for a pick up, wouldn’t one logically conclude, or at least ask, if it was I who ordered the half cheese/ half pepp. pizza, seeing as at the exact same time that the pizza is coming out of the oven I had arrived? Next time, that is if I decide to order from NYG again, I will be sure to speak very slowly, clearly and distinctly to avoid any confusion. Thank you.

  22. Bob's Family says:

    Gianni’s is not only a family favorite and a must-eat for any friends who come into town, it’s a genial and punctual place. We ordered a while ago, were told 4:30, arrived at 4:25 and left with hot, delicious pies at 4:30. Gianni’s is the place for pizza in Syracuse.

  23. nick nostil says:

    Worst experience in town! DO NOT ORDER from these scammers! We have ordered previously on many occassions and we did not have any complaints. However, last Friday, 1/17/14, our family ordered large pizza, 20 wings and a antipasta. After waiting for about an hour, the pizza arrived luke warm at best (borderline cold)–owner stated it has just come out of the oven but the oven must have been in Buffalo, the wings were so tough I would consider them jerky not wings (no sauce), the antipast appeared to have went through a tornado and had no italian dressing we requested. So I called and asked for appropriate manager, spoke with John ….he explained they would make a whole new order of everything and bring to us (MIND YOU, they NEVER requested the food returned, if so it would have been everything as it was ALL HORRIBLE and rightfully thrown to the curb. My response last week… was we did not want to wait another hour to eat (at this point was around 730pm) and would just go out to eat….Johns response is that they would take care of the order next time we called. So today, as repeat customers, I called to order our usual menu items and was told we get 5% off….what a joke! The owner stated because we did not return the food this was reason for little or no compensation…NEVER NEVER did he ask to return the food ONLY they would make more. So for a $35 order (after tip) they were going to offer us 1.50 dollar off an order for food last week that was not worth food for an animal…cold pizza, jerky wings, and antipast that would make any food lover quiver…..If you have any thought of order from these jokesters…think twice…any positive reviews or advocates for this place must be out of thier minds….A TOTAL FARCE …STAY AWAY!

    • pizzageek says:

      Well, I get that you’re upset, and if your description is accurate, I can understand why. Since my early reviews, I have had a couple of occasions where the service and/or quality of food had issues, but nothing anywhere near as bad as you’re describing. I’m planning an updated review in the near future.

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