Black Knights Pizzeria, Syracuse (East)

Black Knights Pizza, SyracuseCertain pizza shops have various distinctives.  Black Knights Pizzeria takes its name from the nearby Henninger High School Black Knights, and a lot of the foot traffic after school brings students right past the shop.  Also, it claims a very large delivery area, from Liverpool to DeWitt, Mattydale to South Campus (free within 2 miles, “small charge” elsewhere), and is open until 3am Friday and Saturday nights.  There are no tables, so this is a delivery and takeout operation only.

Black Knights Pizza, SyracuseWhen I visited on a very hot & steamy afternoon, there were no lights on, and no air conditioning.  I could only see one pizza behind the counter.  My cheese slice ($1.50 including tax), was served without any offer of re-heating.

Black Knights Pizza, Syracuse

Heavily spiced sauce

The slice was from a 16″ pie, and had a good deal of oven soot particles on the bottom.  In addition, there was an excess of corn meal on the bottom, and even sides and top of the relatively small crust rim.  The crust was somewhat chewy, and had moderate crispiness.

Black Knights Pizza, Syracuse

Soot on the bottom (click to enlarge)

This was an unusual sauce.  It appeared to be “homemade,” with visible tomato chunks and good tomato taste, but there was an extremely heavy spice load, the most I’ve ever seen (click the picture for a closeup).  According to a poster in the shop, the cheese was Grande, and it had the usual Grande oil separation.

Overall, the soot and cornmeal were a bit unappetizing, and eating it “cold” wasn’t so great.  The sauce showed some promise, but needs a lot less spice.  The Pizza Geek gives it a rating of 3 out of 5 slices.

** UPDATE ** – Several weeks later I stopped in to see if things had improved.  The counter has been moved to give the kitchen more room, it was brightly lit, and three employees were present.  They reheated it without being asked.  The pizza still came out with lots of corn meal on the bottom and rim of the crust.  If the oven is not cleaned often, the accumulated corn meal burns and becomes soot on the crust, and that was still the case on the return visit.  The crust and cheese were the same as before, but I’m happy to say the sauce was much better – the spice level was under control.  I am upgrading the rating slightly to 3.5.

Summary – Pros: open late, huge delivery area.  Cons: sooty crust, excess corn meal, overspiced sauce.

What do you think?  Have you tried Black Knights Pizza?  Click the comment link below.

Crust: ***
Sauce: ****
Cheese: ****
Toppings: NA
Value: ****

Black Knights Pizzeria – 825 Teall Ave, Syracuse – 422-3663

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Perhaps being an engineer makes me too picky, but I'm in search of really GREAT pizza in Syracuse.
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9 Responses to Black Knights Pizzeria, Syracuse (East)

  1. S says:

    I think this place used to be called something else prior to this. I wonder if the food is still the same?

    When it was under the old name I tried it out on a whim because it’s close to where I live. Had a fresh cheese pie and sweet potato fries. I thought the pizza was okay. Nothing great.

  2. This is the general manager of the pizzeria, Black Knights Pizza. We invite anyone reading this blog to come in for a free slice of pizza just by mentioning this blog. Unfortunately, the individual who does the reviews came in when everything was not up and running well in the first 3 weeks. Everything has changed, from the menu, the sauce and the dough. We also would like to invite the blog owner in for a free pie as well and possibly a re-review. We are sure everyone will be quite satisfied with the 200% improvements we’ve made since the initial review. Thanks alot everyone!

    • pizzageek says:

      Thank you for posting your comments. I would be glad to have blog readers give their comments here after trying your pizza.

      A re-review is possible (and likely), but I’ll do it anonymously since reviewing free pizza, or otherwise doing a review with the knowledge of the restaurant destroys the credibility of the review.

      • Jim says:

        pizzageek, when I first saw “free pie,” I’ll have to admit, my eyes lit up, but was genuinely relieved to understand that you wouldn’t ruin the integrity of this review-site. That alone, I really appreciate everything. Please keep posting. Trying new pizzerias in the Syracuse area is something that I’ve been trying to do recently, and your blog makes it 10 time easier to do just that.

  3. Tom says:

    This place has housed numerous pizzeria’s in the past few years. I have not tried Black Knight’s Pizza yet and mainly because every time I go by (I live around the corner) the place is un-inviting. It’s very dark, (even the “open” sign is sort of dark) and it never really looks open to me? The windows are not well lit, you can’t see inside….also there are numerous people-teens hanging around outside the front entrance, some even sitting in chairs….it just does not look appealing.

  4. Lewis says:

    I found the phone # on this site, I should of read the reviews. So bad that I am compelled to leave a comment. Ummm, the general manager that posted above must be smoking ***** because I just had the food and everything from the wait, to the food, to the customer service was horrible.

  5. pat ogletree says:

    love this place order at least once a week, hamburgers and large fries are huge pizza is great tenders wonderful great friendly serve…try it out

  6. joe says:

    this place sucks… i live on teall ave and work on erie blvd. its 1pm on a thursday and ive called a total of 27 times and no one answered. what a way to run a business!!! there is no online ordering like there website says. just a bunch of lies. was looking forward to trying it but now i will never try to order again and tell everyone i know and all my customer to stay away from the place who cant even pick up the phone or take an order. thanks for nothing black knights. u suck!!!

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