Dully’s Express Market, Syracuse (North)

Dully's Express Mart, Syracuse (North)Dully's Express Mart, Syracuse (North)Some reviews are planned, some just “happen” when I spot a place and pull over to check it out. This review, at Dully’s Express Market (also known as “Le Pizzeria Pizza and Wings”), just “happened.” This location on Wolf St. is just a couple of blocks south of Alliance Bank Stadium. If I recall correctly, this used to be Wilson Farms, and before that, Andy’s Big M. Inside, it’s a very large, clean and spacious convenience store, with several tables, and varioius hot & cold food available in the “restaurant” area.

Dully's Express Mart, Syracuse (North)This was a first, though. I pulled up to the building, looked at the front window, and next to a beer sign was another sign that said, “Human hair, buy one get one half price.” A halloween thing maybe? I walked in, looked to my right, and the entire wall that faces the parking lot was covered with…human hair. Hundreds of packages of human hair. I don’t know much about these things, but I guess they are for weaves. Maybe there are even some complete wigs there. Like I said, it was a first. Another first: A YouTube commercial for this location.

Dully's Express Mart, Syracuse (North)I decided to pass on the hair, and moved along to the pizza counter. “Giant slices” the sign promised. Indeed, they were 18″ pies cut in sixths, a bit larger than the average slice. A cheese slice was $2.25 plus tax. I did a double take when I looked in the case holding the slices – they all looked rather…yellow. Could it be something with the lighting? Judge for yourself in the picture, it is an accurate representation of the color of the slice. I know, I took a couple of bites before the picture…sorry about that.

Dully's Express Mart, Syracuse (North)In a word, this pizza was awful. The relatively thin crust was on the low end of average – browned well, slightly crispy, with no particularly glaring flaws – but at the same time bland and unexciting. Sauce was difficult to find, and what I did find had very slight flavor. Cheese was very brown, which means it was baked too long. When you do that to cheese, it morphs from soft, yummy mozzarella into dried out, congealed “stuff” that can be peeled back like a blanket. Also, the sauce boils up through the cheese and turns it orange, or yellow in this case.

I realize this slice was not particularly fresh, but it seemed obvious to me that it didn’t have much going for it in the first place. I did not eat any more than the two bites you see in the picture, and that was two bites too many. The Pizza Geek fed the rest to a garbage can, and rates it 1.5 out of 5 slices.

Summary – Pros: nothing. Cons: everything.

Dully's, SyracuseUPDATE (2/9/2011): I recently visited Dully’s again, to see if anything was different.  Fortunately, things improved a little.  The crust was still rather yellow, making me wonder if cornmeal was used in the crust.  There was a little sweetness in the crust also.

The sauce was mildly spiced, some spice flakes were visible, and it had a very acidic taste.  Dully's, SyracuseCheese was applied pretty heavily, and it was covered in a lot of yellow oil that separated during baking.

Surprisingly, this slice worked much better than the one described above.  In spite of the oil, I thought it was edible in an average sort of way, and the Pizza Geek rating improves to 3 out of 5 slices.

What do YOU think? Have you tried pizza from Dully’s? How about human hair? Click the comment link below and let us know.

Crust: ***
Sauce: ***
Cheese: ***
Toppings: NA
Value: ****

Dully’s Express Market, 700 Wolf St., Syracuse – 214-4666

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Perhaps being an engineer makes me too picky, but I'm in search of really GREAT pizza in Syracuse.
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21 Responses to Dully’s Express Market, Syracuse (North)

  1. john says:


    I noticed that you reveiwed a store (dully’s) that I happen to live next to and to be honest with you I eat their everyday and I love there pizza…I have never seen pizza like in your pic when I went there…i cant beleive for a second that slice was from dully’s

    my wife and i order pizza and their steak subs at lease 3 times a week and we swear by it. not sure what happened when you went but I know that dully’s has some good food! for all we know you are just some blogger that could be making all this up?

    • djamesb says:

      Why don’t you try uncle chub’s always been great pizza from there for me or the italian chef one of my favorites, next to my top 5 of twin trees,pavones,avicollis,gino&joes,mario&salvitore’s.don’t count out the italian chef i’ve had their pie’s and wings at new hartford and syracuse both great,and OOhhscooneatzoo’s(Oscugnizzo’s) in new hartford

  2. ron c says:

    r u serious? that looks like you got a slice that wasnt fresh….and then you bash this store…i work at a factory down the street from them and i eat their every friday…there food is amzaing!!!! you bloggers make me sick, i knew the owners when they had a spot in shop city plaza, food was banging back then and its banging now!!! you should go back, cuz you are nuts if you dont like there food

  3. pizzageek says:

    It should be noted that both of the comments above come from the same IP address.

    Would any other readers like to try Dully’s pizza, then come back here and post your own review?

    Pizza Geek

  4. Andy says:

    Pizza Geek:

    I could’t disagree with you more. You must have had a slice that was either old or just caught them on a bad day.

    I ordered pizza and wings from this place this afternoon, for my entire office (as a late christmas lunch), and I was pleasantly surprised.

    The pizzas were cooked to perfection. I asked for them to be cripsy and light on the cheese, and that is exactly what they did. The pizza sauce was not your ordinary out of the can sauce, but you could taste that it was homemade. And the wings were huge…they were so big and filling, that we actually had left overs for a change…and the scanvengers here never leave leftovers.

    Anyway, I would definitely order from this place again. Nice job Dully’s.

  5. Jennie says:

    We order often and its very good.

  6. Had a smoked turkey sub last week from Dully, I’m 275 and ALWAYS eat the WHOLE SUB. THis is the first time I ever rebember not being able to finish it, first ever ! I got halfway through and wrapped up the rest for the next day. The second half completely filled me up too, and it was delicious, lots of nice turkey, lettuce nice and fresh, onion…….I’m goin back there RIGHT NOW GANGWAY !!!!! HEy !!!

  7. beth says:

    I have been to dyllys and I love the pizza. Everything is always fresh from the subs to the cheese. I go there for lunch everyday case they have variety and have never been disappointed. I’m glad you gave this place a re – review because I never had anything bad. And if ever I am disappointed they will make sure I leave happy. Dullys does truly live up to their slogan, “enter a stranger leave as a friend.”

  8. beth says:

    I thinly you forgot to mention to your readers that dullys is a convenient store. That offers pizzeria quality pizza, they are open 7 days a week till 3 am everyday. If it sounds like I’m advertising for them I am. Cause I love dullys and they’ve given this neighborhood a great store with friendly service in a place that’s been empty for over 10 years so I’m glad you got your taste buds right. As far as the question on human hair, they also have cellular and a lotto section. But then again you would know this you were there. Remember this is a convenient store not a pizzaria, selling better than pizzareia quality pizza. If you really want your head to spin try the MAC n cheese. And now that that’s off my chest I feel so much better.

  9. dezel says:

    Had it last week, it was gross

  10. green says:

    I recently ordered a pizza from dullys I waited two hours for the delivery to show . When it finaly did the delivery man was banging on the front door at 230 in the morning . When I got the pizza inside in was cold and disgusting .this is the second time I have had bad food/ service from this establishment

  11. Anthony R. says:

    i ordered a pizza and an order of mozzarella sticks at 1:25, it didn’t get here until 3:15, when i called the store at 2:45, the guy who was working had an attitude saying that it was sent out already. The food was cold, greasy and by for one of the worst pizzas i have EVER had!!! the guy who delivered the pizza was very nice and was really apologetic. i liked the driver, but other then that, i hated everything else

  12. jc says:

    Nasty food never again old dry ribs make me sick.

  13. Bob says:

    I don’t personally eat pizza or food from a convenience store, but you have to give the owners credit, they are certainly persistent business people. I admit the thought of selling human hair in a convenience store is a bit unusual, however, if there is a demand by the locals to buy it, more power to them!!

  14. Rob says:


  15. Me says:

    I order from Dully’s quite often and have never been disappointed. The people who
    complain want to pay the price of a hot dog and have the food taste like lobster.

  16. alysia says:

    The dullys female manager is very rude and hung up on me while I was trying to give my order. On top of that there was a very very loud t.v or something playing in the background and when I made her aware of how loud it was and that I couldn’t hear her she replied…”it happens.” She was very rude and I will not ordering from there again.

  17. olivia says:

    Dullys from my experience is a hit or miss. It’s usually good when you go in..but delivery is almost always hit or miss when it comes to the pizza. First off, it is SLOW. Usually takes an hour and a half to two hours. The subs are usually pretty good. I do recall having a chicken Bacon ranch slice that I haven’t been able to top from anywhere..but the chances of getting such a great slice again are slim

  18. tiffany says:

    I have always been a fan of dullys for the past 4 years. The food was what it was expected to be for so cheap.. (good though). Delivered even when paying with foodstamps. But tonight was hell. The guy taking my order over the phone took at least 30 minutes to take an order that consisted of 4 subs. And mind you they were out of everything besides turkey, salami,provolone,american,lettuce and onions. So 30 minutes to write down 4 turkey subs. Anyways.. Food arrives, we bring it upstairs. And they were regular ol’ sandwiches. I call dullys real quick, owner answers. I explain the situation. He proceeds to be a dick and respond with ‘ well did you order subs or sandwiches?’ well clearly i wouldnt be calling if i ordered sandwiches. Then dickish again ‘ well you want to just keep the sandwiches’. Yet again.. Obviously not why im calling. So he makes the driver come back to take the sandwiches back. And the driver starts arguing with my fiance over weither i said subs or sandwiches. Now mind you yet again…

  19. tiffany says:

    I ordered 4 whole sub. For each sub i started with a whole white sub. Turkey.. Ect ect. Said sub about 15 times in the course of this 30 minute ordering process. But none the less the employees and owner were rude as hell to í the customer! I wanted a refund they would not return. Waited another 45 minutes for subs. The driver never called when he was here the 2nd time. And was too lazy to knock on the door. So we ended up waiting another 15 minutes. And curious to know weither my subs were tampered with. So all in all the sub scene at dullys is not the best. Hope you all want turkey and s—-y service! Once a good customer now never returning.

  20. myah says:

    Forr a fact dullys is a good place to get food from ! Me && my best friend are ordering ftom them now . I love the garlic nots and mac&cheese .. and they’re open till 3 I love them & they work hard . wouldn’t tradr them

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