The Pies Guys, Fairmount

The Pies Guys, FairmountDoes washing laundry make you hungry? Maybe it doesn’t matter. If you’re like me, you don’t have to be hungry to eat pizza. But, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are many locations where a pizza shop is paired with a laundromat. Usually there is an inside door between the two. One such example is The Pies Guys (menu), 3333 Milton Ave. in Fairmount. This shop is rather small, with just enough space for 6 stools along small counters, but I suppose it can be classified as an eat-in establishment.  By the way, why is one phone number on the sign, and another on the windows?

The Pies Guys, FairmountI selected a cheese slice (1/8th of an 18″ pie, $1.99 plus tax), and when I say cheese, I mean CHEESE. A sign on the wall identified this as a shop which uses Grande cheese, and apparently LOTS of it. It was oily, slightly salty, and it made for a moist and very chewy texture. Cheese lovers will love it, I thought it was a bit much.  Their Urbanspoon ranking is pretty high, so a lot of people must like it.

The Pies Guys, FairmountA crust like this puzzles me a little. Usually you get a little additional rise in the rim of a crust, even when sauce and cheese are spread close to the edge. I think it has to do with the toppings keeping the temperature lower longer, so any part of the edge which isn’t covered bakes faster, and rises more. However, this pizza was one of those where the crust was exactly the same thickness all the way to the edge. It was baked on a pan and had the typical mottled browning pattern; thankfully, very little oil was evident. There was some crispiness at the edge and no “off” flavors, although not much evidence of a good rise.  The menu identifies this as “New York Style Pizza.”  OK, it is thin, but thin crust alone does not a NY Style Pizza make, in my opinion.  I’d appreciate hearing from people who have extensive NY pizza experience – does anyone in the NY City area bake it on pans, with a flat crust edge like this?

Sauce was the one bright star of this pizza. It had a bright, fresh tomato taste, was applied in a good amount, carried a mild spice load with some visible spice flakes, and had just the right (i.e., low) salt level. It rescued this pizza from receiving a much lower score.

Overall, this was generally tolerable pizza thanks to the fine sauce. Cheese lovers will probably like the giant blanket of cheese, and the crust was simply average. I’ll place the overal ranking on the upper end of average, and give it a Pizza Geek score of 3.5 out of 5 slices.

Summary – Pros: excellent sauce. Cons: uninspiring crust, excessive cheese.

What do YOU think? Do you like super cheesy pizza? Click the comment link below and let us know.

Crust: ***
Sauce: *****
Cheese: ***
Toppings: NA
Value: ****

The Pies Guys, 3333 Milton Ave., Fairmount – 468-9000
The Pies Guys on Urbanspoon

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Perhaps being an engineer makes me too picky, but I'm in search of really GREAT pizza in Syracuse.
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3 Responses to The Pies Guys, Fairmount

  1. KMR says:

    Regarding the phone number, The Pie Guys was actually Corrente’s Pizza until earlier this year. NO interior re-decorating or re-modelling was done. And the transition between the two companies appeared overnight. I’ve been told it is new ownership and staff, and the pizza definitely changed. I would imagine the phone numbers on the glass are leftover from Corrente’s, which I’m pretty sure had two lines… the main number for Pie Guys was also the main number for Corrente’s.

    I actually preferred Corrente’s to The Pie Guys. But in the end, neither left a memorable impression.

  2. fatty says:

    i understand that this is a pizza blog…but i have to say that this shop is more than just a pie shop. the rest of the menu should not be overlooked. they offer an array of specialty items that i have personally enjoyed, for example, the new chicken speedie was one of the best warm subs Ive ever had. imagine a 12 inch toasted sub with grilled chicken, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions…not to mentioned that its soaked in NY State Fair Speedie Sauce. i have had some very amazing char grilled wings, and every Friday the haddock dinner is what my wife and i enjoy. Some days the slices are good some days there better, but overall this shop gets a 4.5 out of 5 on variety, quality of food, and price. Sure, there were only six stools at the counter, but i like delivery and they always make it timely and tasty!

    • pizzageek says:

      Wow, that sub sounds fantastic! I probably wouldn’t be able to go more than halfway through it before I surrendered, though! Thanks for the feedback.

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