Sardo’s Pizza and Fish Fry, Cicero

Sardo's Pizza and Fish Fry, CiceroRecently a comment was posted on’s dining forum saying they have tried pizza from many places, and Sardo’s (Cicero, Lakeshore Heights Plaza on Route 31) may be the best. Whenever I hear that sort of praise, my Pizza Geek ears perk up and I make a mental note to check it out. Another Sardo’s location may be found on Onondaga Hill (just outside the Syracuse City line, on St. Agnes Hill). Delivery is offered from both locations. The menu has a fairly typical selection of pizza, wings, salads, subs, etc.

Sardo's Pizza and Fish Fry, CiceroDuring a cold and snowy lunch time, I chose a cheese slice ($1.81 incl. tax) that was 1/8th of an 18″ pie, reheated briefly. It’s not so obvious in the photos, but this is about as thin as pizza can get! I am no pizzaiolo by any stretch of the imagination, but from my own home experiments I know that getting dough stretched this thin isn’t a task for beginners. My best guess is that the average thickness was around 1/8″ or LESS. For being so thin, it held up reasonably well, at least with no toppings. If you add any number of toppings to this pizza, you’ll need to fold it, roll it up, or use a fork to eat it.  It remained flexible, rather than becoming rigid as some crusts do after reheating.

Sardo's Pizza and Fish Fry, CiceroThe crust was crispy, not chewy, and seemed to be well-structured. The taste of the crust stayed pretty much in the background. Sauce was very hard to find. (To be fair, the thinner the pizza, the less sauce you can use.) When I did find some, it had decent fresh tomato taste, and a moderate spice level with a lot of spice flakes visible. Cheese was rather oily, but tasted generally OK.

Put it all together, and what do you have? A reasonably decent effort, but not spectacular. I’d like to see just a smidge more sauce, for example. I have two basic measuring sticks – how much pleasure do you get from eating it, and how far out of your way would you drive to get it? After pondering those questions for a bit, I came up with a Pizza Geek rating of 3.5 out of 5 slices.

Summary – Pros: thin crust lovers’ dream. Cons: scant sauce, oily.

What do YOU think? Have you tried pizza from Sardo’s? Do you agree with my review? Click the comment link below and tell us about it!

Crust: ****
Sauce: ****
Cheese: ***
Toppings: NA
Bang/Buck: ****

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Perhaps being an engineer makes me too picky, but I'm in search of really GREAT pizza in Syracuse.
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4 Responses to Sardo’s Pizza and Fish Fry, Cicero

  1. On Dec. 28, 2011 we order a pizza from Sardo’s on R 31, we were told 35 min. . When got there we told a few min. another 35 min later we got our pizza. Over an hour for two cheese pizzas and we were not the only ones, We will never order from SARDO’S again. They did nothing to explain or try to keep customers happy and want you come back. It’s not like they were super busy,just didn’t care . Just sad , and poor business, maybe they close that pizziera and put out better service .

  2. Scott Hunter says:

    3.5? Really? How could you give there pizza the same score as you gave to Wings over Syracuse? I frequent both, but when I want a good piece of pizza I know theres only one place to get it from in the valley, and that place is Sardos. All there food is great. There Italian dinners have large portions, include garlic bread and a salad with your choice of dressing. I would suggest Sardos to any one looking for fair prices and quality pizza & wings and Italian food.

  3. Bschnoozy says:

    Hard time believing that. Many experiences w two of their locations…all positive. Only once out of probably over 50 visits has there a problem due to a kitchen mistake and they gave me half off for the inconvenience and extra wait. Best thin crust I can find that is within a couple miles of my house.

  4. buttdart says:

    I live right by a sardos and I wouldn’t feed that pizza to my dogs. Sorry, it’s just that bad. I’ve lost respect for this blogger thru this review. YECK. I’ve had VERY bad experiences with them..and some good one..but hey, they hire kids what can ya say ?! ..anyhow, the french fries are grease soaked, the kind that should ONLY be baked.

    If you like this food, you have no clue what is good food.

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