Gregorio’s Pizza, Syracuse (West)

Gregorio's Pizzeria, Syracuse (West)On Syracuse’s west side, Gregorio’s Pizzeria occupies a small corner spot at 1643 W. Genesee St. It could be easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. However, based on some online comments I found, this is a family-run place that keeps the attention of faithful regulars. The menu includes typical pizzeria choices, and there is a tasty-sounding list of daily specials. There is no seating, not even a counter with stools; delivery is available ($10 minimum). Gregorio’s is open 7 days a week, but there is no lunch on Mondays.

Gregorio's Pizzeria, Syracuse (West)Unlike most pizza restaurants, Gregorio’s uses sheet pizza for slices (12″ and 16″ round pizza is listed on the menu). My cheese slice ($1.50 incl. tax) measured about 6″ x 6″, and averaged 1/4″ to 1/2″ thickness. If you study the photo, it appears that the dough was allowed to rise for a while on the pan, resulting in the mottled browning pattern due to the buildup of CO2. Spiking the dough (pricking it with little holes) can sometimes alleviate this, but it didn’t seem to help much in this case. The bottom surface of the crust had the shiny, fried dough texture you usually get from a pan-baked pizza. It was a little bit crispy, very chewy, and generally bland.

Gregorio's Pizzeria, Syracuse (West)Now, regarding the sauce – the Pizza Geek realizes that everyone has different preferences for how pizza sauce should be prepared. Personally, I believe that the less it is cooked, the better, because I prize a very fresh, tomatoey taste. I understand that at least some amount of cooking is usually necessary to remove moisture from the tomato product, but there comes a point when you leave behind the bright, fresh taste and begin to form a caramelized, orangey pastey sauce. Gregorio’s sauce is more like the latter, with a distinctly overcooked taste. The cheese absorbed some of the sauce and was rather orange as well, becoming a congealed sheet with spotty brown marks.

Overall, this pizza didn’t have anything notable to distinguish itself (in a positive way) from the majority of the other average pizzas I’ve reviewed. I understand that there are other, very tasty sounding items on the menu, and that regular customers will think it unfair for me to judge a restaurant by a single sample of just one item. But this blog is all about finding exceptional pizza, and this Gregorio’s slice comes in right in the middle of the average range, at 3 out of 5 slices.

Summary – Pros: inexpensive. Cons: overcooked, orangey sauce.

What do YOU think? Have you tried pizza from Gregorio’s? Are you a regular? If so, why? Click the comment link below and tell us about it!

Crust: ***
Sauce: ***
Cheese: ***
Toppings: NA
Bang/Buck: ****

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About pizzageek

Perhaps being an engineer makes me too picky, but I'm in search of really GREAT pizza in Syracuse.
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6 Responses to Gregorio’s Pizza, Syracuse (West)

  1. Mike Rolniak says:

    I’ve had pizza twice from this joint. Both times it was disgustingly over-greasy, almost not edible. However, this was at least 4 years ago. Haven’t been there since.

  2. Jessica says:

    I find it rather amusing that you claim to be a pizza fanatic and the judge of what pizza is supposed to be like based on tasting a house pie rather than simply ordering a fresh slice. Before you go putting your two cents in about a business I suggest you go a little further rather than bashing someones hard work all over the Internet. Yes I know this is a blog but honestly if your days consist of roaming around the streets of Syracuse tasting pizza I feel sorry for you.

    • pizzageek says:

      Jessica, I understand that nobody likes to have the results of their hard work criticized. If you would like to be more specific about which of my observations are off base, I’ll be glad to discuss them in detail – a do a re-test if it seems warranted.

  3. DaveJ says:

    I agree with Jessica. House Pies suck! Get the whole pie. If it be a cheese or with some toppings. I have no affiliation here I just go there often. They have the best sausage topping in town. It’s real sausage.

  4. DJamesB says:

    Dont pick on a place until you’ve tried more than 1 item its a great place to eat.

  5. davidc says:

    Greggorio’s WAS the best pixxa in Syracuse as far as I’m concerned. I say was, because sadly they are as of last week gone. Gotta find a new pizza joint… ugh!

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