Siciliano’s Gourmet Pizza & Eatery, Syracuse (Eastwood)

Siciliano's Gourmet Pizza & Eatery, Syracuse (Eastwood)

Um, what number do I call?

Determining the “personality” of a pizza restaurant can be both intruiging and frustrating. Siciliano’s Gourmet Pizza and Eatery, on James Street in Eastwood, has puzzled me for some time. I first noticed it about 18 months ago, and was interested to find out what their vision of “gourmet” pizza was. The bright neon sign promised “Pizza by the slice,” but over the next several months I could not manage to get any. Numerous times the door was locked (even though the posted hours indicated it should be open), and I recall more than one instance when it was open but no slices were available. The attendant behind the counter could not explain why the neon “slice” sign was still on (lately it has been off).

Another time I stopped to ask about slices, and again they were not available. I asked for a menu, started looking it over, and the counter person said, “Oh wait, that is the hotel menu.” I wasn’t ready to buy a whole pie that day anyway, so I delayed again. Also during the past 18 months, the restaurant interior was remodeled. I would have to say it still isn’t very inviting (just few plain tables and chairs), and I’ve never seen anyone eating there. For that matter, I’ve seldom seen a customer at the counter. Their delivery car is often seen around Eastwood, so I’ll guess that delivery must be their primary modus operandi.

Siciliano's Gourmet Pizza & Eatery, Syracuse (Eastwood)Finally, on a recent Saturday, I stopped in to pick up a fresh pizza. I noted a young skateboarder using a computer at one of the tables, and a person behind the counter was also using a computer. A third person emerged from the back to take my order. Looking at the menu, I didn’t see anything that qualified as a “gourmet” pizza, just the usual selection of meat lovers, deluxe, chicken wing, etc. I spotted a special for two medium pizzas, two toppings, $5.95 each. He said, “You have to add a dollar.” I didn’t understand at first, but finally figured out that the printed menu was out of date and I had to add a dollar to the price for each pizza! Alrighty then. I ordered one with just cheese, and the other with tomato, mushroom, peppers and onions. “It will be ready in 15 minutes, if you’d like to wait outside we’ll come get you.”

Around 10 minutes later, the person who took my order left to make a delivery. After 17 minutes, nobody had come out to get me, so I went in. After standing at the counter for a moment, the skateboarder on the computer said loudly, “Yo, pizza!” and the person behind the counter jumped up from the computer to get my pizza out of the oven. I’ve pondered, but will never know how long the pizza would have baked otherwise.

Siciliano's Gourmet Pizza & Eatery, Syracuse (Eastwood)Upon opening the boxes at home, I was startled to find a big hole in the cheese pizza. I’m guessing a thin spot in the crust allowed sauce to leak through, causing it to stick to the oven bottom. A great deal of coarse semolina flour dusted the bottom of the crust, which was generally 1/4″ thick with a crispy layer on the bottom. At the edge, a “poofy” 1″ thick rim. Diameter was 13″ to 14″. The taste of the crust was unremarkable, neither really good or really bad.

The sauce was reasonably good, dominated by salty and acidic notes, with mild tomato taste and a moderate spice load. Cheese was a little sparse, tasted mild and wasn’t oily, but on the cheese pizza it was very orange from the sauce boiling up through it. Toppings were generally ordinary, with the tomatoes being the best part. Peppers and onions were in very short supply and hard to find. Rubbery canned mushrooms were abundant.

Siciliano's Gourmet Pizza & Eatery, Syracuse (Eastwood)Overall, this pizza was generally average. Aside from the hole in the crust, there was nothing particularly bad about it. On the other hand, nothing that made your tastebuds sit up and take notice, nothing that would make you want to return, nothing that would make you recommend it to a friend. And of all the places I’ve reviewed, Siciliano’s has just about the least grasp of customer service and “curb appeal” that I can recall. The Pizza Geek rates Siciliano’s Gourmet Pizza & Eatery 2.5 out of 5 slices.

Summary – Pros: generally acceptable sauce. Cons: clueless customer service.

What do YOU think? Have you tried pizza from Siciliano’s? Please leave a comment.

Crust: **
Sauce: ***
Cheese: ***
Toppings: **
Service: no stars

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Perhaps being an engineer makes me too picky, but I'm in search of really GREAT pizza in Syracuse.
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7 Responses to Siciliano’s Gourmet Pizza & Eatery, Syracuse (Eastwood)

  1. Bob C says:

    It’s funny, I have had the same bad customer service issues with this place that you did. I have never seen a business that just doesn’t care about their customers. I have never had the pizza, as the 3 times I stopped in they didn’t have slices. After the 3rd time, I vowed never to step foot in this “establishment”.

  2. Victoria says:

    This is the owner and i like to first say that we have never had no one in the 10plus years we have been in bussiness accuse us of bad service. We are probably one of the few to rush to fix a problem and that would be why we have had most of out coustomers for over 5 years on average.As for the pizza i the pizza man and owner have been out of the shop for over a week because of complications with my wifes pregnancy so there could have very well been not so great service due to me not being there, Im usually there open to close and my fill in arent very familer with the pizza bussiness but we couldnt just close down for a week. we do not do slices because there is not enough foot traffic in the area and therfor the slices go to waste. We tend to sell the whole pizza on most of out walkins. We are doing alot of renovations and our working to open the other side of the building to a more casual setting. As for your commet on our pizza slices ive very rarley in over my pizza experience have had any one complaine but just like all other shops u cant please everyone. i am back and you are more the welcome to do another suprise vist and im sure your attitude towards our pizza will change and the review would be better. We have also been reviewed by 2 other food critics that gave us stellar reviews and ill post the links if you like. You in face gave us a good review 6 years ago and all the sauce are still the same but we had cahnged our name due to the increase of our menu size and our website online by tyhe way has alot of gourmet pizzas. The menu you look at is an outdated menu that is currently be replaced.

    So goodluck to you and feel free to stop by again, im back

  3. Victoria says:

    Just like to add that if you had stopped in 3 times you would have been told 3 times that we dont do slices,

    • pizzageek says:

      Victoria, I can’t speak for Bob (other commenter), but I stopped in more than once when the “Pizza by the Slice” sign was on, and couldn’t get a slice. Leaving the sign on to entice customers was just plain rude. BTW, my visit took place in July. Were you away then also? I’m glad you’re working to improve the business, and I wish you much success.


  4. abc says:

    Hi PG,

    Thanks for changing the rating on Luigi’s. Honestly, it makes a world of difference just taking it from a 2.5 to a 2. The new rating/grading is much more consistent w/the review than before. With regard to this review, the ‘what number do I call’ caption had me laughing for about two minutes straight. About as humorous as the Dully’s review. I did find these reviews, but they are clearly written by the same person on 12/11 and 12/18 (posted below). Based on their replies, it does seem like the owners of Siciliano’s care a lot, so maybe when you visit there next, the pizza will be better.

    Anyway, I admire you going to some of these places that I wouldn’t be caught dead in (ie: Checker’s, Dully’s, Oompa’s etc…), I’ve come to the conclusion that Syracuse has tons of pizza places, but most aren’t that great (in fact, a lot of them suck). People in Syracuse tend to hype up Twin Trees, but I find it atrocious….from the way it tastes to the stupid way it’s cut. The only ones that I’m a repeat customer of are Gianni’s, Pavone’s, and Cosmos. Best of luck in your future pizza journeys.

  5. John says:

    I know the owners very well and they are always JUST full of excuses!!! On more than one ocassion they were to be open but the doors were locked. Pizza is always late, car broke, delivery guy called in, my wife is pregnant, my kids are sick……the list goes on. We finally just gave up. Service is poor, place is dirty and the owners have no idea on how to run a successful business. It’s amazing their are able to keep the doors open. Very disorganized.

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